Grading results 18th December 2010

Grading results 18th December 2010
Dave Elson - 18/12/2010 15:12:00
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23 students took the grading today which was contucted by Master Val Douglas VII degree. MAster Douglas is a member of the INTA Black Belt grading panel and always puts the students through a rigorous but fair test. Of the 23 taking the grade 21 were successful.

These are the results from todays grading:

Name New Grade Result
Charlie Cullen Yellow Tip L
Alex Matthews Yellow Tip O
Sean Gavagan Yellow Tip O
Raidin Myler Yellow Tip O
Luke Dolan Yellow Tip L
Michael Bunea Yellow Tip L
Emilis Kasiulynas Yellow Tip L
Oisin Matthews Yellow Tip O
James Ryan Yellow Tip O
Ian Carolan Yellow Tip L
Carla  Everard Yellow Tip O
Naiose Myler Yellow  O
Amy Gorman Yellow  O
Darragh Kenny Yellow  O
Mark Byrne Yellow  O
Patrick O'Brien Yellow  L
Christopher Deans Green  L
Aaron Grimes Green  L
Dylan Reilly Blue Tip O
Leigh Elson Blue Tip L
Abbie Everard Red Tip O

A= Advance level result - exceeded normal performance
O= Ordinary level result - satifactorily met the requirements of the grade
L= Low level - improvement and additional time needed before moving to next grade
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