National Team Selection 2011

National Team Selection 2011
Dave Elson - 05/05/2011 14:15:00
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The venue for the first selection session for the 2011 European Championships will take place this Saturday, 7 May in Glanmire Community College, Glanmire Co.Cork.  The session will run from 12.00 - 6.00 according to the timetable released last week.  The cost for the session is €10.

 All competitors are expected to compete in the ITA Dublin Open that takes place on 21/22 May.  As well as impacting on your selection for the 2011 European Championships, the Dublin Open will also be used to determine selection for the 2012 European Championships.  We will post more information about this in the coming days.

The next session after the Dublin Open will take place in Dublin on 4 June.  The venue is likely to be Rivervalley sports centre but we will confirm this in the next few days.

w/e 7/8 May - Glanmire Community College Cork

w/e 21/22 May - ITA Dublin Open
w/e 4/5 June - Rivervalley (Provisional)

w/e 18/19 June - Selection session

Selection sessions will generally be held over one day and a full timetable will be issued for each session.  Team positions will be determined by way of assessment during the selection sessions and based on performances at the ITA Dublin Open and the selection tournament. Individual places will be determined by way of a selection tournament. This tournament will take place either the weekend of 2/3 July or 23/24 July.  In order to determine the optimum weekend for the selection tournament can you please email me at if you have already pre-booked a holiday on either of the proposed weekends for the selection tournament.  We will insofar as is possible try to facilitateas many people as possible competing for places.


Mr. Kevin Hannigan

Director of Coaching

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