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INTA Master promotions

At a recent International Instructors Course (IIC) in Benidorm, Spain, Master Brendan O'Toole, President of the INTA and Mr Gerry Martin, co- instructor at the Taekwon-Do Center, Exchequer Street, were promoted to 8th degree and 7th degree Master grades. This now gives the INTA three masters, including Navan TKD Examiner, Master Val Douglas, who make up the black belt examination panel and due to Master O'Toole's new grade, can now grade nationally to 6th Degree black belt.

On behalf of the students of Navan Taekwon-Do School, we would like to congratulate both Masters on their new ranks.

September Grading

Navan Taekwon-Do instructors would like to wish all students the best of luck on Saturdays grading.

The grading will begin at 2pm in the training hall under Master Douglas and Mr Elson. The hall will be open at 1.30pm so arrive early and ask any final questions.

Preparation for a grading is vital to success so remember the old adage ' Fail to prepare and prepare to fail'.

Update on training mats

The mats which we ordered after the kickathon will be delivered to us in early October. This will give us a 120 sq m matted area and provide us with a comfortable and safe training surface.

 Class time change

From September 2009 the classes will take place on Mondays and THURSDAYS and no longer on Wednesdays.

Little Dragons (Age 5-8) Thursday 6.15-7pm

Juniors (Age 8-14) Mon & Thur 7-8pm

Seniors (15+) Monday 8-9pm, Thursday 8-9.30pm)

We look forward to the return of the Little Dragons and some of juniors who took the summer off.

Our 100 new training mats will be delivered also in September.

New black belt for Navan TKD!

On Sunday 7th June 2009, Navan Taekwon-Do gained it's fifth blackbelt. Gerry Murphy was one of 34 students from various INTA clubs who put themselves forward for black belt grading under the grading panel of 7th degree blackbelts, Master O'Toole and Master Douglas and 6th degree, Mr Gerry Martin.

The June grading was the first time that there was no 'preliminary grading' required. This meant that students had to be very well prepared for the pass or fail test and the high grading fee's would have to be paid regardless of result.

Gerry had prepared extremely well for this grading and had travelled to the INTA HQ in Exchequer Street in Dublin each Wednesday to train under Master O'Toole,  travelled to Master Douglas's dojang in Tempelogue each Sunday and had travelled to Mr Condon's dojang in Naas over the previous three satudays......all this in addition to his normal training at Navan TKD!!

All this effort paid off on the day with a very confident performance which included fundamental movements, patterns, step sparring, self defence, sparring, tkd theory and power. 8 students were unsuccesful on the day which showed both the preparation and level required to reach the grade. A level not to be underestimated.

Congratulations Mr Murphy and best of luck in your 'career' as a black belt.

Kickathon 2009

Navan TKD did it's first fundraising kickathon on 23rd May 2009. The purpose of the event was to get money towards 100 tatami training mats and also to subsidise the competitors traveling to the UKTF Championships in Scotland in June.

The 100 mats will add to the current 20 that we already have giving us both a safe training surface plus a full competition ring.

48 students spent the Wednesday evening class doing a variety of kicking drills both up and down the floor but also on the kick pads. The senir class concluded with everyone, including the new members breaking a board.

Most of the money has been collected and we raised a fantastic €1500.

The good news is that the mats have been ordered and will be delivered in late August or early September

Well done to everyone who helped out.

Top collector was junior yellow tag, Elllis Byrne who managed a whopping €210!!

Pictures are on our online photo album

Taekwon-Do demo at GAA Celebrations

As parts of the nationwide celebrations of 125 years of GAA, Navan Taekwon-Do School were invited to the local KIlberry GAA grounds on May10th to do a demonstration of our art. 12 students met to perform the demo. Luckily the rain had abated the before but the going was 'soft' on the pitch. Instructor Dave Elson took the microphone to explain to the audience what taekwon-do was and what to expect from the demonstration. We did some fundamental movements, the yellow tags performed Chon-Ji, Yellow Belts did Dan Gun, Red Tag and red belts did Joong Gun and the three black belts did Choong Moo. Everyone did a round of sparring which the crowd enjoyed! We then did a breaking demonstration including jumping overhead kick performed by Mr Matthews, with Niamh Mc K eever on Mr Elson's shoulders, Mr Mathews again broke using a forefist punch. Mr Elson did a jumping back reverse turning kick followed by a flying side kick over four of the juniors. Ms Bergin peformed a front elbow strike. Lots of oohs, ahhhs and a few ow's!

Thanks to everyone who took part. Thanks to Ollie McKeown for the excellent photographs which are posted in our photo album.

Spring Grading.....

The date for the next grading has been set. It will take place on Saturday 14th March at 2pm in Wilkinstown Community Center.

Master Douglas will be travelling from Dublin to conduct the grading.

All prospective students should start preparing for it by doing additional practice at home, learn your theory and korean termonology.....don't leave it until the last minute.......remember 'Fail to prepare and prepare to fail'

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