Navan TKD Instructor at European Championships

Navan TKD Instructor at European Championships
Dave Elson - 11/05/2010 16:16:00
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Navan Instructor Mr Dave Elson had the honour of being selected as one of the Umpires at the AETF European CHampionshipsEuros 2010 in Skovde, Sweden. Each country can send upto two umpires and Mr Elson was joined by Naas Instructor Mr Dave Condon V Degree. There was a large group travelling, arond 35 competitors on the National Team which consisted of both INTA and ITA competitors and coaches.

It was an incredibly well organised event from both the officials and competitors perspective with divisions running smothly and on time.

The Irish Team had a very successful trip with the highlight of Jrichard fordunior blackbelt Naoime Coogne received best overall junior female award. Here are the full results for Ireland:The junior female team won Gold in team patterns, Richard Ford won Gold in Junior sparring +70kg.


Naomi CoongheGold-45kg Junior Female Sparring
Junior Female TeamGoldTeam Pattern
Richard FordeGold+70kg Junior Male Sparring
Naomi CoongheSilverJunior Female 2nd Dan Pattern
Richard FordeSilverJunior Male 2nd Dan Pattern
Nicola TorsneySilver+60kg Junior Female Sparring
Luke WoodsSilver-63kg Male Sparring
Stephen SmullenBronze3rd Dan Pattern
Mathew TroyBronzeJunior Male 3rd Dan Pattern
Junior Male TeamBronzeTeam Pattern
Chloe AboudBronze-50kg Junior Female Sparring
Dylan FitzgibbonBronze-63kg Junior Male Sparring
Sabina MasonBronze-58kg Female Sparring
Senior Male TeamBronzeTeam Sparring



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