First things first....

Navan Taekwon-Do School teaches classes in a structured, disciplined, safe and friendly environment.

The school is open to members irrespective of gender, race or religion.

Navan Taekwon-Do School teaches ITF Taekwon-Do and is a member of the Irish National Taekwon-Do Association (INTA) and affiliated to the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)

Navan Taekwon-Do School instructors have completed a workshop on Code code logoof Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sports as per Irish Sports Councils guidelines.

We have also completed REC level 2 first aid responders course in conjunction with Meath Local Sports Partnership

Students are encouraged to ask questions, and to train hard. The more effort a student puts in the better the quality of training they will get out of it.

 If you are unfit or have not trained in sport in a long time it is advisable to go to your GP explain that you want to start learning martial arts and get a check up.

What should I wear?

Until just before you're first grading or until you decide that Taekwon-Do is for should wear some loose fitting clothing such as a T-Shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

All Taekwon-Do students must train barefoot; therefore no footwear can be worn during the class. Bring a towel and a bottle of water....not soft drinks.

What will I do in a class?

All classes begin with assembly of the students, then a warm up of various cardiovascular excercises. After the warm up we do stretching, which is red fistessential to be able to do the more advance kicking techniques.

 You will then be taught and or practice basic Taekwon-Do techniques such as punching and blocking in a number of different stances.(kicking techniques are learnt later in your basic training)

 We will then discuss some theory and history of Taekwon-Do and ask a few questions to test your knowledge.

 Classes end with a final assembly of students....and the best part....a great INTA ups! On the knuckles for adults!! Ouch!

What else will I need?

Just before you're 1st grading to 9th kup/yellow tip you will have to purchase you're Taekwon-Do uniform....called a 'Dobok'. Details are available from the instructor

You can download our Student Handbook from the 'Student download' link on the side bar or click here to go straight to it.

To be able to spar and learn sparring techniques you will have to purchase gloves, footpads, mouth guard, groin guard and  shin guards.

We recommend TOP PRO sparring equipment which can be sourced by the instructor.

How can I practice?

The best way to learn and practice is to concentrate hard during the classes. Listen and watch the instructors. Read your Student Manual.

For additional help you can watch the video below. These are beginners techniques and exercises performed by multiple World and European Champion Ms Julia Cross VI degree.

Beginners Movements