Dave Elson, V Degree black belt is the chief instructor at Navan Taekwon-Do School.

Dave (or Mr Elson, to use the correct taekwon-do ettiquette!) began training in Martial Arts in 1992 with the Ching Wu Kung Fu Club, which was located in Bayside, Dublin and under the instruction of Wally Dillon. Freestyle kickboxing tournaments were bread and butter at this club as competitions were available almost monthly.

While in college in DIT Bolton Street, Dave began training in the college taekwon-do club alongside Dave Condon (then green belt,now VI degree!). Dave Condon was a member of Tempelogue Taekwon-Do School and in 1994 Dave Elson joined this club under the instruction of Mr Val Douglas (now Master Val Douglas)

in 1998 Dave was promoted to 1st Degree, 2005 2nd Degree and 2007 3rd Degree. In June 2011 he was successfully promoted to IV degree. He was promoted to 5th Degree in June 2018 under Grand Master Brendan O'Toole 9th Degree, Masters Douglas 8th Degree and Master Martin 8th Degree.

He has been a member of the INTA board of management, tournament director, and a member of the INTA Tournament and Umpire Committee.

Dave has umpired at both National and International events including European Championships and World Championships.

Taekwon-Do isn't Dave's only sport. Cycling was a big interest, competing both Road and Mountain Bike Racing.

In 2000 Dave won the National XC mountain bike racing league and in 2002 completed the FBD Milk Ras while racing on the BH Raleigh team and is currently a member of Navan Road Club.

Dave lives in County Meath with his wife and two daughters and works as an engineer with a major pharmaceutical company.